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What You Need to Know About Expat Car Rental

Are you in dire need of a new set of wheels but aren’t keen on the idea of buying one? Maybe you’ll not be residing in Singapore long enough to need a car full-time? Regardless of the reason behind this, you will certainly benefit greatly from an expat car rental Singapore service.

But before taking this route, it is essential that you learn almost everything you need to know as an expat. This entails a look at few of the main providers, and how to go about choosing the best for your needs.

Why Take a Car Lease?

Buying a new car requires a significant financial investment. There’s not only the price of the car and the cost of insurance to worry about, but you must also have with you a Certificate of Entitlement (COE). It doesn’t end with that since you also have to make do with registration fees, not forgetting servicing and maintenance costs to pay over time.

All things considered; expat car rental Singapore services can be much cheaper. This is especially the case among those who would love to drive a luxury car. Moreover, leasing a car can be more straightforward, with just one monthly payment and less paperwork that could eat into your precious time.

Requirements to Take Out a Car Lease in Singapore

So, you’ve finally found the perfect expat car rental Singapore service and you’re ready to sign on the dotted line. But do you know about the questions you must meet as an expat. Well, the rules and requirements tend to vary greatly between rental companies, but generally speaking, you should be at least 23 years old.

It doesn’t end at that since you need to have a valid passport or NRIC, have a valid driving license, and a valid debit, credit card, or any other accepted payment method. For short stays in Singapore of less than 12 months, you should be able to use your current driving license if it’s English.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have insights into what you should expect from expat car rental Singapore services, it might be the ideal time to start looking for the best. Take it upon yourself to examine important things such as car selection, reputation, and pricing, to mention a few. By factoring in the above, it won’t take long before you finally find a reliable and reputable expat car rental Singapore service.

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