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Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Review: Stylish Specs with Subtle Smarts

Ray-Ban and Meta teamed up to bring us the Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses, merging classic Ray-Ban styles with subtle, intelligent features. But are they worth the hefty price tag? Let’s delve into the design, features, functionality, and some downsides to help you decide.

Unobtrusive Design with Classic Style

The first surprise with the Meta Ray-Ban glasses is how normal they look. Available in the iconic Wayfarer and the slightly larger Headliner styles, these glasses come in clear, traditional shade and Transitions lenses, with a size option for most face shapes. The tech is cleverly hidden within the frame, keeping the classic Ray-Ban look intact. You might spot the tiny camera notch on the bridge for transparent lenses; otherwise, they’re indistinguishable from regular sunglasses.

Capturing Memories on the Go

The Meta Ray-Ban glasses boast a 12-megapixel camera that captures surprisingly decent photos and videos, ideal for quick social media posts. The focus is on capturing a moment’s perspective rather than professional-grade photography. Videos are recorded in a portrait orientation, ideally suited for Instagram stories or TikTok clips.

Voice Assistant and Audio on the Move

A built-in Meta AI assistant allows for voice control of various functions. Take photos or videos with a simple voice command, or make calls without reaching for your phone. The audio experience is another win. Small speakers in the arms deliver surprisingly good sound quality for listening to music, podcasts, or even taking calls. While not noise-cancelling, the speakers are loud enough for most situations.

A Seamless App Experience

The companion Meta View app makes managing your smart glasses a breeze. It allows you to transfer photos and videos to your phone’s camera roll, with the option for automatic import when placed in the charging case. The app also offers essential editing tools and even an AI-powered montage creator, though reviews suggest the montage feature could be better.

Battery Life and Other Considerations

Battery life is decent, lasting a full day with moderate use. However, heavy video recording can drain the battery quickly. The glasses are IPX4 water-resistant, meaning they can handle splashes and light rain, but swimming with them is not recommended.

The Not-So-Smart Side

While the Meta Ray-Ban glasses offer a great blend of style and functionality, some drawbacks exist. The voice assistant is a bit hit-or-miss, sometimes needing help with name recognition or misinterpreting commands. A landscape video option may be a challenge for some content creators. The price point is also relatively high, especially considering the camera’s limitations and processing power.

The Verdict: A Fashionable First Step

The Ray-Ban Meta glasses are a solid first step into smart glasses. They excel in design and offer a convenient way to capture photos and videos on the go, with surprisingly good audio for listening and calling. However, the voice assistant needs improvement; the lack of landscape video is a curious omission, and the price tag needs to be lowered. If you prioritize style with a dash of intelligent features, the Meta Ray-Ban glasses are a compelling option. However, it might be worth waiting for the next generation for those seeking more advanced functionalities.

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