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Understanding How Your Kidneys Work

Most people only know that the major function of the kidneys is to remove waste products and excess fluid from the body. But there is more to it than merely this. The vital regulation of the body’s salt, potassium and acid content is performed by the kidneys. Also, your kidneys produce hormones that affect the function of other organs.

For instance, a hormone produced by the kidneys stimulates red blood cell production. Other hormones produced by the kidneys play a crucial role when it comes to regulating blood pressure and controlling calcium metabolism. That’s why you should prioritize kidney health at all times. Here are some of the things you need to know about your kidneys.

Notable Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease

Before delving deeper into our discussion today, it pays off to understand what kidney disease entails. Well, it is defined as having some type of kidney abnormality, or ‘marker’ such as protein in the urine and having decreased kidney function for three months or longer. There are numerous causes of chronic kidney disease.

Your kidneys may be affected by diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Other kidney conditions are inherited while some are congenital; that is, individuals may be born with an abnormality that can affect their kidneys.

How Chronic Kidney Disease is Detected

Early detection and treatment of chronic kidney disease is the secret to keeping kidney disease from progression to kidney failure. The good news is some simple tests can be done to detect early kidney disease. One such test is the popular Albumin to Creatinine Ratio (ACR), to estimate the amount of albumin that is in your urine.

You may also have to undergo a test for blood creatinine. Your medical practitioner should use your results along with your gender, age, race, and other factors, to calculate your glomerular filtration rate (GFR). Keep in mind your GFR tells how much kidney function you have.

Luckily enough, many kidney diseases can be successfully treated. Careful control of diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes can help prevent kidney disease or keep it from accelerating and getting words.

Unfortunately, the cause of some kidney diseases remains unknown, and specific treatments are not yet available for them. But there is hope at the end of the tunnel considering a great deal of research is being done to find more effective treatment for all conditions that can lead to chronic kidney disease.

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