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Prince Harry and Meghan Lose Home Gifted By Queen As Wedding Present

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are being evicted from their home on the British royal family’s Windsor estate, leaving them without a UK base.

A rift has emerged between Harry and his father, King Charles III, with reports that the 74-year-old monarch is seeking to use a property gifted to the couple as a wedding present by the late Queen Elizabeth II to house his brother, Prince Andrew. According to reports from The Sun, the king is anxious about appearances of extravagance as a cost-of-living crisis batters Britain.

According to a source, the king wants to move Andrew to Frogmore Cottage instead.

He wants the property, which he bought for $2.4 million in 2018, to get Prince Andrew off his hands and allow him to return to work.

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It’s believed that the king also wants to use the property for another purpose.

The queen gave the couple the home in 2018 for their wedding, and they refurbished it at a reported cost of? 2.4 million ($2.9 million). The cost is now being repaid as part of plans drawn up when the couple stepped down as senior working royals in March.

In a statement, the couple explained: “Frogmore Cottage has been a place of great personal meaning to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex since they moved in. They have made several special memories here and will miss it greatly.”

A source added: “It has been a real privilege for them to share the home with their family. They will be unfortunate to leave it.”

There is speculation that the king might not allow Harry to participate in events such as the royal coronation this year, which is taking place in Scotland at Balmoral.

Despite this, Harry will likely appear at the ceremony in the future. But it is still being determined whether he will be allowed to attend other official events in the future, such as Royal Ascot and Trooping the Colour, because of the rift between him and his father.

Meanwhile, the king is keen to prevent further drama between his son and his daughter-in-law as they relocate to California after quitting their royal roles.

He is worried about the “backlash” they are receiving, particularly after the release of their memoir Spare last month. The couple reportedly plans to add an extra chapter to the book detailing their reactions to the criticism.

They are also expected to participate in a live stream chat with a physician and author who is an expert on addiction called Gabor Mate, whose latest memoir is based on his experience of suffering from an addiction.

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