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Important Considerations When Choosing Bearings

Choosing the right bearing can seem like a daunting task considering there are so many options out there to choose from. Depending on the direction of the axial, radial or force, there are different types of bearings. Moreover, bearings are composed of rolling elements, cylindrical or even tapered rollers.

Among the most notable types of bearings you are set to come across include ball bearings, needle bearings, tapered roller bearing, thin section bearings, and cylindrical roller bearings. So, how can you choose one without the hassle? Here are a few tips to help ensure your decision is well-informed.

Load to be Supported

Before settling on any bearing, you will first have to consider the load it can support.  Keep in mind there are two different types of loads i.e. axial load and radial load.  Each type of bearing is capable of supporting an axial or radial load. But some bearings can support both loads.

If your main intention is supporting a combined load, then it would be better to opt for a tapered roller bearing. Things tend to be different when in need of a bearing that can support a high radial load since a cylindrical roller bearing can serve you perfectly.

Consider the Rotation Speed

Aside from the load to be supported, you should also factor in the rotation speed. It is worth noting that some bearings are capable of withstanding high speeds. That’s mostly the case in bearings with a cage. Nevertheless, the choice of higher speed may at times be made at the expense of the load. If this is not enough, you must also factor in the presence of misalignment considering bearings such as the double raw ball bearing are not suitable for this situation.

Rounding Up

Choosing the right bearing for your needs doesn’t have to be the reason behind your woes. Simply make use of the above-mentioned tips and you are good to go. This does not mean you should confine yourself to these tips alone since there are so many other things you need to factor in when shopping for bearings.

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