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How to Get the Most from LiPo Batteries for FPV Drones

There’s no denying that the lithium polymer battery is not like any other you will find in a battery factory. When you drain too much energy out of your round LiPo battery or put much in, you’ll permanently damage it or lead to a fire. That’s the last thing you want to make do with when leveraging custom LiPos.

No wonder you should make it the norm to monitor the energy left in your battery as you fly. In this way, you will know when it is time to land and keep your batteries healthy. In this blog post, we examine what it takes to get the most from LiPo batteries for FPV drones.

LiPo Battery Charging

To maximize the useful lifespan of your novel LiPo battery, you need to know a few things about charging, First of all, never should you leave charging batteries unattended. When a mini LiPo battery is charging, the chances of a fire are significantly increased.

A health undamaged LiPo charged properly is unlikely to catch fire, but FPV drones are not exactly kind to batteries and charging a battery that was initially damaged in a crash or over discharged can be very dangerous.

The ideal way to charge this thin battery and one that puts the least amount of strain on your battery is to charge at a rate of ‘1C’ or 1 times capacity. A 1C charge rate simply means that the current will charge the entire battery in 1 hour.

Don’t Leave Them Fully Charged for Long

Once your curved battery is charged, it is best to use it ‘soon’ and then return the battery to storage voltage once done. That’s because a battery not at storage voltage is constantly degrading over time and that damage is cumulative.

For instance, a battery left at full charge for a month may have greatly increased internal resistance when used which might lead to a decrease in performance and an increase in heat. Keep in mind there is no magic number for how long to leave a LiPo fully charged.

Of course, there is more you need to know about LiPo batteries for FPV drones than what is included in this blog post. That’s why you should take it upon yourself to do a bit of research here and there before investing in a wearable battery.

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