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Different Types of Commercial Air Conditioners

You’re finally ready to install a new AC unit or upgrade an existing one for your commercial property. Although you may be familiar with some common aspects of commercial AC, such as their larger size, it is also essential to factor in that various commercial AC units exist on the market.

Taking it upon yourself to understand the property’s needs and nuances can help you determine what kind of unit will work best for you. And this simple guide will help you uncover all the questions in mind. Below are the different types of commercial AC units you should know about.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning is arguably the most popular commercial AC systems relied upon in buildings and offices. This type of commercial AC comprises a central cooling unit, typically located outside the commercial property, connected to a network of ducts that distribute cooled air throughout the interior.

The good thing about investing in a central air conditioning unit is that it offers consistent and even cooling, making it perfect for buildings with multiple rooms and floors. This type of commercial AC is knowing for its energy efficiency, ease of temperature control, and ability to handle cooling loads. No wonder they’re suitable for larger commercial spaces.

Multi-Split Air Conditioner

Multi-split air conditioning units can be compared to ductless mini-splits. However, they tend to feature outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units. This configuration allows for cooling multiple zones simultaneously, providing greater flexibility in temperature control while at the same time minimizing the number of outdoor compressors required.

Multi-split commercial AC systems will come on handy in spaces where duct installation is challenging or not feasible. After all, they provide an energy-efficient solution for buildings with varying cooling needs.

Other types of commercial AC units worth taking note of include VRF and VRV, ductless mini-split air conditioners, and chillers, to mention a few. Be sure to factor in the pros and cons of each. It is then that you can choose the ideal air conditioning unit for your commercial property without feeling the heat.

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