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Best Fishball Noodles in Singapore

A bowl of mouthwatering classic fishball noodles Singapore can be found easily at hawker stalls, food courts, and coffee shops. In most cases, fishball noodles are served in either dry or soup form, and come with a variety of noodles from mee Pok to Kway teow.

The most vital soul for this dish is fishball, a fresh and bouncy fishball would make your noodle more delicious. In this blog post, we take you through some of the best fishball noodles in Singapore worth trying.

Ming Fa Fishball

Mingfa’s history traces back to 1946 when their business started on a pushcart along the street of Chinatown. Lim Chye Kang, the founder, insisted that their fishballs were to be made from 100% fish meat and that they were to be made and sold on the spot. Nowadays, the business lies mainly in the manufacturing arm and retail arm, where they have 12 outlets island wide and 5 outlets in Indonesia, and Jakarta.

An important point to remember is that Ming Fa’s signature dish is their mushroom minced meat noodles with prawns. The mushroom minced meat noodles are an extremely affordable meal for its price.

Yam Mee

Yam Mee stall is situated at Kovan 209 Market & Food Centre. One of their most popular dishes to date remains to be the mee Pok fishball and the price is affordable. For $4, you can get yourself a bowl of mee kia with two fishballs, one meatball, and a vegetable ball, topped with minced meat and juicy stewed mushrooms.

The good thing with these fishballs is that they are succulent and have a nice bite to them. The noodles are tossed in lard, and their chili packs a punch. The addition of friend shallots gave this dish a good crunch and a fragrant aroma.

The Bottom Line

Whether you want a taste of the best frozen meatball or fishball noodles in Singapore, then you can never out of the best places to have one. The catch lies in determining the bets fishball noodles in Singapore before trying any of them.

As a good starting point, consider reaching out to Ming Fa Food Industries. Here, the noodles can be customized with different types of noodles and sauces according to personal preferences. They have a special recipe for their sauces that makes them uniquely different. Check them out today to find out more!

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